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Cabal 2 PBE Official Launch

Download Cabal 2 PBE Today and Experience the New-Generation MMO.

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) is a limited-access public server where players can test the content before is released to other environments. Players can experience and test "declassified" content, features and mods that aren't yet ready. If you would like to take part, use the download button on the bottom of the page.


Cabal 2 is a MMORPG game with story-based scenarios which boasts rich and unlike any other MMORPG game ,Cabal 2 has an actual ‘scenario ending’ . The gameplay substantially surpasses the original game action-packed combat system and evolutionized combo skill system. Dynamic gaming world is vitalized by lifelike AI monsters and NPCs, and players can enjoy a rich story line while fighting enemies and doing a lot more things other than typical rooting and hunting.

The game was developed in CryENGINE 3 , to achieve the best game play performance ever created. By maximizing already great features of CryENGINE3, the game offers a never-before-seen MMO experience.

Clash Update notes

The level was increased from 30 to 35 and new update was performed. The players can now explore more then 10 maps. To increase your character destruction you must use more advanced weapons and learn new skills. The player can now pick between three factions. Factions fight agianst each other on a battlefield and for dominating their opponents they gain bonuses.
In the new Barrier zone, you can now enter in three kinds of arenas. Fire Arena, Black Hole Arena and the Ice Arena. Each Arena has different rewards to gain and different bosses to destroy. To take part on harder challenges, characters, except Priest, recently gained three new skills. New weapons, equipment and craft scrolls were added to the game.

Available classes

cabal 2 download

Free to play

You can download the client by clicking the button below. Cabal 2 is free to play!

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